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Gio'Vairs Galleries of Art began as an experiment by Fine Art gallery owner, Arlesia Hill. She noticed that there was a thriving underground art scene and the desire for people to see art in different venues for convenience and bring the art to them.  The community-at-large, including budding artists, children and adults, sometimes are not aware of the artist, musicians, exhibits, performances, educational opportunities or visiting another city to support the "Arts".  Arlesia realized that a unifying organization could bring the arts to everyone in a productive and inspiring way. She believes that an organization such as  Gio'Vairs Galleries of Art would improve the quality of life of every resident.

Although Arlesia wants you to, "Come Feel the Arts", God put something on her heart to establish the "The Art of Connecting", Touching Lives through Art & Travel.

Through Appreciating the beauty of colors, music, theatre, food and dance, Arlesia also wants to take you on a spiritual journey to "Connect" you to your  inner soul, your family, friends, neighbor, spouse, or child.  To "Be Still" and feel the presence of God on the many "Beaches of the World".

Gio'Vairs Galleries of Art was established to provide a communal presence to help local artists thrive, and unlock the artistic potential of every resident no matter where they are located.

Arlesia gives a special "thanks" to God, the love of her two children (whom the gallery is named after) and the support of her mother.

The Music and the Inspirations of the Legendary Dr. Nina Simone has touched my life in many ways, it gives my pleasure to dedicate my personal website to honor Dr. Nina Simone as one the Finest Artist in History!  www.ninasimone.com

I encourage everyone to support and "Come Feel the Arts"! 

Gio'Vairs Galleries of Art is always looking for Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Poets and Volunteers.

Visit our Contact us page if you are interested in volunteering, or email us at info@giovairsgalleries.net

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Gio'Vairs Galleries of Art

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